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The Skin Benefits of Yoga

Skin Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has many benefits for the body and mind but it also benefits skin in several ways that are perhaps less well known.

Yoga has become important in my life because it offers me the rare chance to focus my mind on the poses and therefore gives me time out from the usual daily stresses and strains of modern living. It has helped me to become more flexible and I have noticed that it has benefits for my skin.  

Read on to find out what the main skin benefits of yoga are:

It Gives You A Glow

Yoga improves circulation and leaves you with a rosy glow. If you are tired and stressed it always shows in your face but a session of yoga can result in a nice pink glow and a more relaxed appearance.

Inverted poses and forward bends are some of the best moves that can allow blood to flow to your facial skin.

It Reduces Toxins

An energising practice of sun salutations, will raise your body temperature and in the process, it enables your body to sweat out any nasty toxins. Breakouts and dull skin can be caused by toxin build up, so getting your blood pumping and working up a sweat can be very cleansing for the system and skin.

It Improves Oxygen Flow

Yoga opens the lungs which in turn floods your body and skin with oxygen. This is vital for healthy skin as the oxygen-rich blood delivers all the essential nutrients that are required for a glowing complexion.

Breathing exercises, or pranayamas, are also excellent for rejuvenating and refreshing your appearance. I am a big fan of the Bhramari pranayama breathing technique or bee breathing. This technique is effective in instantly calming down the mind. It is a simple technique where the exhalation resembles the typical humming sound of a bee. For further guidance on this technique check out the Yoga Journal.