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Five Ingredients to Avoid Using on Your Lips

Ruth Romano cocoa butter lip balm

Lip care products tend to be the most frequently applied out of all your personal care products and did you know that they are ingested? Makes sense that a portion of your lip balm can end up being ‘eaten’ especially if you are a lip licker!

To protect your skin and your health you should avoid these five ingredients in lip balms.

Parabens are a class of chemicals used as preservatives in skincare products and are known to disrupt hormone function. It’s a safe bet to avoid parabens in all your beauty products but you are more likely to absorb more through your lips as you apply balms more frequently than other products.  

Petroleum jelly is a by product of crude oil and contrary to popular belief it doesn’t provide any nourishment or moisture for the skin. It creates a barrier which suffocates the skin and clogs your pores. Over time petroleum can affect collagen production which is vital for plump and healthy lips.  

Artificial fragrances such as cherry or gin and tonic might be very tempting but they can also be very irritating. Any labels that state aroma or fragrance should be avoided. They can contain an array of chemicals including phthalates which like parabens can disrupt hormone function.

Artificial colours that add a hint of colour can also be very irritating to lips.

Alcohol can be very drying and increase the chances of your delicate lip skin cracking and peeling.

So what should you be using on your lips?

Remember that your lips need extra care and attention as the skin on them is much thinner than anywhere else on your body. They are also more prone to drying out because your lips don’t have any sebaceous glands which keep the rest of your skin moisturised.

Opt for a natural lip balm to feed and nourish your lips and they will be better prepared to face the elements.  

Love your lips naturally and they will thank you for it!