Award Winning Natural Soap
& Soap Making Courses


My one-hour intensive coaching sessions are only £175 and will help get your business on track for success.

Why Work with Me?

Since starting my own natural skincare business from scratch in 2013 I have won numerous awards. My products are stocked in Love Lula and my soap making courses have featured in Country Living Magazine

Unlike many self-proclaimed marketing experts I have a proven background in marketing and the credentials to back it up having successfully started my own business and I also have a Chartered Institute of Marketing Post Graduate Diploma and a Degree with Honours in Business Studies.

I am also proud to be a Huffington Post Blogger a regular contributor for Making Soap Magazine and a BBC Get Creative Champion.

Business Coaching What do my Coaching Sessions Include?

SEO Audit & Strategy

The internet is a huge online directory and your website is a mere drop in the vast ocean of information. If people can’t find your website then it means that you are potentially missing out on sales.

So, what can you do to make sure you have the best chances of being found by potential customers?

We will review your website together and formulate a plan for you to make you more visible online.

Build a Mailing List

A mailing list is the most valuable asset for your business. So how do you go about building a list? It doesn’t have to be huge to be successful and you can grow it slowly with your business.

Let me show you how to entice people to sign up for your newsletter and start building your list today.

Online Advertising

My preferred method of advertising is by using Google Ads as they are targeted at people who are actively searching for the products and services that your business offers and they are already in 'buying mode' unlike Facebook Ads where you are advertising to people who may have an interest in what you offer but they are not actively searching.

Let’s set up your first ad and show it to the right people, in the right place, and at the right time so you can maximise the exposure for your advertising investment.

If you are interested in signing up for one of my sessions please contact me here and let’s get your business on track for success!